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    Punk Hazard Briefing



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    Punk Hazard Briefing Empty Punk Hazard Briefing

    Post by Dante on Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:03 pm

    Punk Hazard Summary

    General Info: Punk hazard was once an island owned by the world government that held one of their top secret R&D facilities. While there are some minor remains of these facilities, One can see the remnants of what is hinted at as a major battle sometime long past which changed the face of the whole island, which at the time Sent a message to the world Just how devastating the powers of Devil fruits could be. Even the ocean itself around the island is either frozen or On fire due to this making it difficult to approach. Even more so there is not a magnetic field making it impossible to navigate there normally.

    Punk Hazard Briefing Latest?cb=20150211161528

    Climate: Half of Punk hazard has been completely engulfed in permafrost, and the other Has Active volcanoes, It is split down the middle with a rift that pools into a lake in the center. This is Not an island where people can really inhabit without prior Preparation because There is also remnants of a deadly poison gas that lingers on the island turning any natural organic matter it touches to stone effectively suffocating its victims. People without coats on the Frozen side are likely to Succumb to frost bite and die. As where the other side Breezy clothing is recommended along with lots of water provisions because otherwise the likelihood of Dehydration/Heat stroke death are imminent.

    Notable NPC(s): Supposedly no one Inhabits the Island though, it was said that once long ago but a Notoriously evil underworld scientist had taken up residence there and did horrible experiments on children and On weapons of mass destruction and death, so no one can say for sure that hasn't happened again.

    The Perhaps most notable inhabitants are simply the Dragons created by a scientist long ago which roam both sides of the island protecting it from intruders, while it may have been thought long ago that they were all destroyed they have repopulated and Are more dangerous than ever due to their adaptation capabilities which have evolved them over the last 300 years.

    A nest of Both Ice and Lava Dragons.


    The once proud Laboratories of Dr. Vegapunk Now in ruins between the Poison gas and the destruction of the climate of the island. Blown to bits for the most part and completely uninhabitable for most rooms have been filled with The gas.

    However there are some remnants of research here that could be useful to the right person with the right drive. . .

    The Lake Of the center. It is not Quite accurate to call this a lake because it is really that the island was split in half by the monstrous battle said to have once taken place here to Decide the Future of the Marines. The gap has since filled with sea water making it a deadly pitfall for devil fruit users even more so that half of the water is freezing cold and the other half is On fire.

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