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    Skypiea Summary Empty Skypiea Summary

    Post by Dante on Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:30 pm

    Skypiea Summary

    General Info:

    The people who reside there have small wings on their backs, similar to the stereotypical angel which make them really unique, though no use has been revealed for them thus far. The daily life of sky people revolves around the use of Dials, which normally are not available in the Blue Sea. As opposed to the belly of the rest of the world, it uses extols as currency. The people of Skypiea have a religious reverence for soil because it can yield plant life much better than island cloud can, and also other materials that come from the Blue Sea. Most of the people from the Blue Sea believe that Skypiea is merely a myth.

    The inhabitants of this haven 10,000 meters above the ground are a kind, trusting folk naturally, although through the years the war with Shandia, the thievery of blue-sea dwellers and the harsh rule of gods has jaded them, leaving them with a bitter taste towards outsiders in general. This isolationism is in stark contrast to Fishman Island, 10,000 meters below the waves, who, while sharing the traits of kindness, had become largely swamped with outsiders.

    Appearance: Skypia is essentially a large solid cloud That's consistency changes depending on the location. For example, there is land and 'the white sea' which is like a frothy consistency which can be traveled on by ship but not by foot.

    Climate: Weather science is Big in skypiea seeing as weather affects their lives directly. So, it's at the whims of its masters really.

    Notable NPC(s): King Juichimonji, Yosuma The Royal Shaman

    Groups: Divine Guard, Shandia Warriors, The priesthood Of the 1 true ruler, White Berets.


    Heaven's Gate (天国の門 Tengoku no Mon?) is located in the White Sea and serves as an entrance to Skypiea. Visitors must pay 1,000,000,000 Extol per person to enter. Amazon, the gate-keeper that resides down here with her Vision Dial-powered camera, where she collects entrance immigration fees, and immigration for those who are leaving. She is generally unable to understand the events around her, as she lets people in without collecting fees, but not warning them they will become criminals. When everyone was evacuating Angel Island, she attempted to take images of them all, not realizing that Angel Island was about to be destroyed. Many outsiders become criminals for not paying the fee because Amazon fails to explain Extol, the currency of Skypiea.

    After going past Amazon, a giant Speedy Shrimp will grasp the immigrant's ship and lift it along a Milky Road, which goes up to the White-White Sea. Finally, the guests will arrive in Skypiea. The Heaven's Gate was destroyed along with Angel Island Long ago Though Amazon survived.

    Angel Island (エンジェル島 Enjeru Tō?) is the original part of Skypiea. The island is formed of the Island Clouds. It houses all Skypieans and is home to the famous Lovely Street. There exists a dock as well as houses, shops and the White Berets. It was destroyed long ago.

    Angel Beach (エンジェルビーチ Enjeru Bīchi?) is where you can safely view the white sea from angel island.

    Lovely Street (ラブリー通り Raburī Dōri?) is a rather well-known and well-traveled part of Angel Island. It is the main marketplace. The road has many shops and is a sort of Skypiean main street. Shops of all kinds line the road of Lovely Street, including many Dial and food shops.

    Gan Fall's Home This is where the Knight of the Sky lived, He grew his own vegetables in his yard, in front of his home. Behind his house is a big tree. The house fell uninhabited after he died.

    Upper Yard: This is the other half of Jaya, blasted up by Knock Up Stream 700 years ago. It is much larger than Angel Island. As a great amount of Vearth, it is of high value for the sky inhabitants, being called "holy land". It had become a residence for rulers of Skypiea, including a man named Enel long ago. The trees and Animals on Upper Yard have grown to huge sizes, due to the decrease in the atmosphere. Priests run their Ordeals here. A giant beanstalk, called Giant Jack, towers up in the center of the island, piercing through the ruins of ancient city Shandora and the God's Shrine. The Shandorian Golden Belfry resides on a cloud nearby. The Sacrificial Altar is also located in Upper Yard.

    Shandia village: This is a hidden village where the Shandia have lived after being expelled from Upper Yard under the rule of a tyrant long ago. Its location was unknown to Many. People live here in houses resembling Native American tipi. Totem poles and a statue of Calgara can be seen in the village.

    A Milky Road leads to Upper Yard from Angel Island.

    Rubber Band land: Rubber Band Land is a new amusement park that has opened up on Skypiea over 300+ years ago. Its mascot and the reason for existing is a crudely carved statue of a once great hero 'Usopp' (or so the tale goes), who first introduced rubber bands to the Skypiean people upon his visit there.

    The Pumpkin Cafe (パンプキンカフェ Panpukin Kafe?) is a new restaurant that opened in Skypiea over 300+ years ago, It has lovely waitresses only.  The bowls and cups are in the shape of pumpkins. The restaurant is famous for its pumpkin noodles.

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