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    Baratie Summary


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    Baratie Summary Empty Baratie Summary

    Post by Kaitos10 on Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:10 am

    Baratie Summary

    General Info: The Baratie is an ocean-going restaurant run by Carotte Vinsmoke. It is located in the Sambas Region of the East Blue, close to the entrance of the Grand Line.


    Baratie Summary Baratie_Infobox

    The Baratie is a fairly large ship. It takes an oval shape, with the normal masts but has a fish as a front-piece/head. The Baratie has a round bottom. A small array of cannons are lined on the sides, which can be used for battle.

    Climate: N/A. Varies as the ship travels about throughout the East Blue.


    • Head Chef (Owner): Carotté Vinsmoke is the new owner and head chef of the Baratie ever since the Vinsmoke lineage took over after Zeff it's original founder passed away.
    • Chefs: Your daily full-time chefs working at the Baratie under the Head Chef's order.
    • Dishwashers: The backbone of the Baratie. Having everything sanitary is the number one priority.
    • Servers: They attend the customers with their seats, orders, and any additional requests the customer may have.
    • Germa Bodyguards: Germa 66 bodyguards who guard the Baratie. Being in ownership of the Vinsmoke has brought them along.

    Wildlife: N/A


    • V.I.P Area: An exclusive area for very important people located at the highest floor of the Baratie. Usually high ranking Marines or well-known pirates are often seen here.
    • Deck Floors 1-4: Having an high volume of customers in daily basis more floors were made so people could fit in. These floors are you generic tables with x amount of chairs spread like wildfire throughout the floor.
    • Hell's Kitchen: Where all the magic that people eat is being made and where the dishwashing area is located as well.

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