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    Spider Miles Summary

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    Spider Miles Summary Empty Spider Miles Summary

    Post by Ace Fresca on Wed Sep 19, 2018 12:03 pm

    Spider Miles Summary

    General Info: Spider Miles is an industrial island that has always been a bit down on its luck due to the greed and corruption of those that run its lawless city.

    Appearance: Spider Miles could easily be mistaken as a four-by-two kilometer pile of trash from a distance. Buildings are practically piled on top of one another and an unending enormous cloud of smoke emits from the factories of the island, making it look like it always has a dark stormcloud looming over it.

    Climate: Industrialization has entirely changed the climate of Spider Miles. The air is thick and of extremely poor quality, it is always at least twenty five degrees celcius during the day when all of the factories are running, though it plummets to around four or five degrees during the night. When it does rain, it is very acidic rain that is not good to drink in the slightest and can even cause irritation in the eyes.

    Notable NPC(s):
    Samson Smokestack – Filthy rich owner of a majority of the factories on the island. Early fifties, is not afraid to "take care of" anyone that he perceives as an inconvenience.
    Calloway – Upstart crime lord in his early thirties hoping to unite the criminals of the city.

    Smokestack's Cronies – A private army of a few hundred men, Smokestack's Cronies police all of his property on the island. Since this is a lot of the island, they are more or less the "law" of the island, though their only concern is beating half to death anyone – or outright killing – anyone that causes trouble.

    Calloway's Crew – A rough and tough criminal bunch, but somehow more reasonable and docile than the "police force". They take anyone who knows a thing or two about stealing, dealing, or any other illegal activity.

    Smokestack Manor – The only proper looking building on the whole island. Heavily guarded and surrounded by a stone wall, it is a dangerous place to attempt to go without being invited.

    Undercity – The sewers of the city hosts a smaller city of its own, run entirely by even more sordid folk than the ones that run the city above. All sorts of illegal items can be obtained here.

    Portside – The only relatively safe place to be if you're a visitor not looking for any trouble. Goods here are a bit pricier than they would be within the city, but it's almost a guarantee that you'll be safe here.

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